[13 September, 2003]
This entry shot on Super-8mm Kodachrome color reversal

[Listening to: Various Artists / Avalon's Mix]

Right now I'm listening to a mix I've crafted for one Avalon in Ft. Collins, Colorado. She requested it and I obliged, so now I'm making sure it's the best damn mix I can make her.

I hope she likes it.


Not much has happened since I last posted. I started school, but that's nothing that amazing. Mostly it's been reading and just showing up to class.

My writing-101 teacher went on for turkey vultures for damn near three-quarters of an hour one period. I didn't realize I was paying to hear about how an elderly gentleman wished he looked like a vulture.

Other than that, school is all right, but not great. I can handle it, and it's much better than high school ever was.


Mia was apparently hitting on me tonight.


I have no idea, man. No idea.


I put new sheets on my bed tonight. Bright red sheets. I always like my bed best with these red sheets.


I've been toying with a new layout idea, but nothing's final. I'll probably keep good ole Interpol for at least a little while longer.

Other than that, I'm (getting) out (of town).

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